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  If he had to pick one common recurring theme in the lives of himself and his peers, it would be Co-Dependency. As friends at the reunions came up after the presentations, it became obvious to all of us that this is not just a new "buzzword", but a very definite condition for us to deal with, or it will be passed to the next generation . . .


The Urban Rancher
My Bike
Childhood's Maze
It's Almost Too Late
Little Brother
Floppy-Eared Dog
Only in Estes
Death of an Old Friend
The Mirror
McGraw Ranch
The Breakfast Ride
The Steak Fry
The Old Cowboy
The Mummy
The Ride
The Character
Our Steeds
The Garden
The Honeymoon Night
The Perfume
The Last Ranch
Our Reunion
Where Are You Now?
The Forties
Make Some Memories
The High Country
How Can We Help?
One of Those Days
The Vultures
Looking Backwards

We search for approval, for love and for warmth,
From all the people we encounter in our life.
The validation for our being as a person we seek,
Always from others, we look to in our strife.

We're co-dependent, we've relegated responsibiity
For our own happiness, we're not to blame.
If we're not happy, it's their fault, not ours,
But we do get to suffer, just the same.

It's only when we realize that we are in charge
Of ourselves, our happiness and joy.
That we cannot let others be masters of our fate,
If we're not, we're just someone else's toy.

I sit down with friends, and we open our hearts,
And compare notes from those days long ago.
We find similar problems and similar fears,
Unresolved conflicts, so much we did not know.

The wounds run silent, and the wounds run deep,
Long they've lain, hidden away, needing to heal.
As we bring them to light, expose them to air,
The cleansing and healing we can feel.

Our Forties is a time of reflection and growth,
Of taking time for your child deep within,
For if you don't face it now, you'll pass it along,
Your co-dependency lives on, just like you've been.

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