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The Forties
  In talking with friends of his own age, and observing others, the Urban Rancher realized that we all have some common issues as we go through the years of our Forties. It's a time of pausing and reflecting, looking at our progress, and charting new courses . . .


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The Forties
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Looking Backwards

In our Twenties we marry, start building our lives,
Together, the future seems so bright.
We're attracted by our opposite strengths,
Everything seems to be so very right.

We work hard together, we strive to succeed,
Life's an adventure in all of its ways.
We're young and ambitious, we search out our goals,
There's an unlimited supply of our days.

The years of our Thirties are fruitful for most,
Some raise families, some raise pets, some raise cain.
We rise to success in our business pursuits,
Here on our goals we show the most gain.

With opposite weaknesses we've gone home to live,
The differences show up much more strong.
As time marches on, the intimacy becomes less,
It's more important who's right and who's wrong.

Our Forties arrive, our mid-life is here,
We're at that center point in our life.
It's here that we pause, it's here that we question,
It's often the period of most strife.

We look back where we've been, we look where we are,
And look ahead to where we might go.
Have we been in charge of our lives all along,
Or are we trapped in our patterns so slow?

The kids are raised, like little eaglets they fly,
We push them from the nest to try their wings.
We look at those left, are we still loving and close,
Or are we strangers, enduring whatever life brings?

Does business run our lives, do we struggle to find
The intimacy we assumed would always be there?
Who have we become, and how have we changed,
Is there still a basis for love we can share?

It's a period of conflict, of facing the demons,
We've shoved back for the last twenty years.
It's a time of accounting, the paying of bills,
For the neglect of our inner selves and their fears.

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