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  In his reflective mood, the Urban Rancher's thoughts went back to the days when he first met his wife there at the ranch, and thought about the difference in their backgrounds and their modes of transportation . . .


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We had separate backgrounds, but had this in common,
We both had our own special steeds.
Hers was her horse, and mine was a sports car,
And both met our own special needs.

My little red car was my best friend back then,
We travelled over many a mile.
It'd purr and it'd talk, as I went through the gears,
It gave me comfort and many a smile.

It was my companion as I searched through the world,
Looking for that special person I sought.
I searched far and wide, but it was when I relaxed,
That I found my special woman, and I was caught.

Her horse took her over the miles of trails,
For it was action that gave her release.
To calm the frustration, to soothe her soul,
She searched also for joy and peace.

She cruised the high country, through meadows so fair,
Over passes so rugged and steep.
Up and down hills, over tops of the mountains,
Down canyons by rivers so deep.

Her father invited me to dinner one time,
Taking pity on on a poor Ranger, did he.
I parked my little red steed by the barn that day,
Where her horse was stabled, you see.

As I lounged on the couch in the lodge's main room,
Out from the kitchen, a delightful girl came.
"I suppose you'll be staying for dinner", she complained,
"You're that scruffy Ranger -- do you have a name?"

I introduced myself, and she settled down,
We ended up sitting side by side.
All through dinner, we talked, oblivious to all else,
And four years later, she was my bride.

Our steeds are long gone, but she still likes to hike,
Quite often more all over the trails.
We're each other's best friend, and life's mighty good,
We've weathered the worst of life's gales.

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