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How Can We Help?
  As he thought about all the help and support they had received from friends and family during their difficult times, the Urban Rancher could look out and see where they could return some of that support to their friends in their time of need . . .


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How Can We Help?
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Looking Backwards

How can we help you, our friend,
As you experience your changes?
We watch you struggle as you cope,
Trying to hold your marriage together.

Your personality differences are really apparent,
The strengths have become weaknesses, it seems.
One's getting stronger, the other's set in their ways,
The grounds for compromise seem slim.

How much of yourself do you have to give up,
To be loved by another person?
In order to reach your goals,
What price will you have to pay?

For every Yes, there's a No --
There's a price to pay for everything we do.
But for every ending, there's a new beginning,
If you can't work it out, there's new worlds to find.

There's a lot of people out there,
Looking for what you have to offer.
Your joy of life, your love of adventure,
Your smile and warm heart.

We've survived our transitions,
And we're healthy and growing.
We're your good friends, and we're standing by,
Ready to help, however we can.
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