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The Breakfast Ride
Thursdays were special days at McGraw Ranch. It was the cook's day off, so in the morning was the weekly Breakfast Ride. It was about a 30 minute ride by horseback to the cookout site, then a wonderful breakfast there by the stream, and then either ride back to the ranch, or take off on a longer ride for the rest of the day.



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A cool Colorado morning, the sky was so clear,
The horses all saddled to go.
The dudes start to gather, the ride's ready to start,
We're just waiting for everyone to show.

As I sit on my horse, pondering my fate,
Old Frank's "driving lesson" is quite a show.
"Rein this way to turn left, that way to turn right,
And to stop, pull back and say WHOA!"

Then it's up through the ranch, to the meadows above,
We ride single file for a while.
Till finally we stop in a clearing by the stream,
We get off, and my body can once again smile.

The wranglers take the horses, we saunter on down,
To where Frank's cooking up breakfast so neat.
He's in his rancher's outfit, with chaps on his legs,
To help protect from all the intense heat.

There's coffee and flapjacks, and bacon and eggs,
All sizzling over the wood fire,
He calls out: "Come and get it!", we line up so fast,
A sight that will truly inspire.

The aspen leaves rustle as we eat by the stream,
It's a magical morning for all.
It's Fall in the Rockies, and often you hear
The sound of the elk bugling call.

We talk and we laugh, and we all know that this
Is a rare experience few people share.
It's not a production, it's the real family life,
Of a ranch family with all of its care.

For those who were lucky enough to be there,
As they return to their lives that they've tried,
They'll remember forever the beauty and peace,
And the joy of that great Breakfast Ride!

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