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The Ride
  That wasn't the only ride the Urban Rancher got to take on that ranch, for there were five daughters in the family, and their father rather enjoyed taking his daughters' admirers out on horseback, to test them and see just what they were made of ...


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Take heed, young lovers, and hear what I say,
Before you pursue certain girls with a verve.
If she's a rancher's daughter, you're in for a ride,
To test your courage, your mettle, and your nerve.

To prove that you're worthy of one of his girls,
He'll test your skills and your pride,
As he innocently invites you to join the family
On horseback - Beware: this is THE RIDE!

Now I was a tenderfoot - the only horses I'd rode
Were under the hood of my car.
I had no desire to climb up on that beast,
But I had to, if I wanted to go far.

Snip was his name, a big horse was he,
The tallest one they happened to see.
With my six foot four frame on this horse you have
Everyone else a foot shorter than me!

Her dad didn't follow trails, he bushwhacked instead,
And off through the trees he would go.
He'd look back and grin and ask how I was,
On his face, an evil smile would show.

He'd search out a branch that he'd just barely clear,
Under which my big horse had to crawl.
Leaving me to ponder, just how the heck,
Do I get under that branch at all?

Do I lean back, with my feet up by his ears,
Exposing a rather sensitive place?
Or do I lean forward, duck under that branch,
Skinning my back, and scratching my face?

The first worked very poorly, although I tried hard,
At least I did not break the ranks.
Next I leaned forward and stretched back my legs,
Not knowing I'd kick old Snip right in the flanks!

He was off like a rocket, a streak through the woods,
As I swayed wildly from side to side.
A wild gallop past all, I lost one of the reins,
Both stirrups, and all of my pride!

Hanging on for dear life, I pulled on that rein,
Around in a circle Snip would go.
Up to a rock wall we came, he screeched to a halt,
I dove off and put on quite a show.

Somehow, I survived it, and passed the big test,
One hurdle was cleared, one barrier put aside.
So beware, you suitors of a rancher's daughter,
When her dad says, "Son, let's go for a ride!"

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