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The Character
  Cowboy country is full of colorful people., with some of them wanting to stand out and be known as "Characters". As the Urban Rancher watched one of these colorful friends over the years, he had seen some patterns developing, and reflected n his observations . . .


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He wanted to be known as a "Character", he said,
There's not many left in these days.
He wanted to be colorful, be memorable in a crowd,
To be know for his unorthodox ways.

He grew handlebar mustaches, wore a big cowboy hat,
His language was colorful and loud.
He drank a lot of Jim Beam, his alter ego came out,
He definitely stood out in a crowd.

But the outside appearance covered a lot of inside rage,
The unsolved issues were tearing him apart.
He dealt with the surface problems, but failed to find
The deep inner issues which tore at his heart.

The changing personalities, and the inner rage
Were driving his loved ones away.
Unless he resolves his inner disputes,
He'll end up alone again one day.

He should have been born a hundred years before,
Back in the day of the Old West.
When "Men were Men", and Macho was great,
To be rough as a cob was the best.

He's getting his wish, a "Character" he is,
Rough and colorful, he sets a very macho tone.
But like most "Characters", he's driving everyone away,
And he'll spend the rest of his days all alone.

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