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The Perfume
  Not long after the first time he met that rancher's daughter, he again encountered her deep in the backwoods, at the cabin where he was stationed as a backcountry ranger ...


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I met her one summer, at their ranch in the mountains,
When her Dad packed me back to my place.
I was a back-country Ranger, a "Smokey" I was,
Patrolling the National Park at a rather slow pace.

I'd been told good things about her from a friend,
Whose advice I valued quite high.
So it was with pleasure, as I looked out my door,
And saw her riding a-horseback, drawing nigh.

It'd been raining all day, I was all snug and warm,
As I watched the riders come near.
They were ten miles from home, and wet to the skin,
They were ready for heat, hot chocolate, and cheer.

I bade them come in, and as I stepped aside,
A strange perfume did I smell.
The smell of wet horse is distinctive at best,
As those of you riders know well.

Her hair was all plastered, she was wet to the bone,
A more bedraggled sight I had never seen.
Add in the perfume, and what do you have,
Is at best, a disguised rodeo queen.

But as she dried off, and warmed up a bit,
She cheered up and talked long with me.
And I remembered what that ranger had said,
There was much more to her than one could see.

Twenty five years later, we're still together,
It's been a good life, all in all, of course.
We still laugh together when we think how we met,
Surrounded by the Fragrance ... "Eau de Horse"!

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