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McGraw Ranch Steak Fry
  Thursday evening was even more of a treat! We'd walk up the meadow to the steak fry grounds, again by the stream. There we'd find the coffee brewing in the huge pot, the beans were cooking, and the corn was simmering. When everyone had arrived, they'd start cooking the tenderloin pieces, and the results were the most tasty meal you could possibly imagine . . .


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We start gathering each Thursday afternoon,
For the highlight as each week goes by.
It's something each guest anticipates with pleasure,
The weekly McGraw Ranch Steak Fry!

We wander up the meadow, about a half mile away,
To the area by the stream where we meet.
We hop over the stream, then over to the meadow,
Our taste buds know they're in for a treat!

A huge pot of coffee is brewing over the wood fire,
The food's laid out and ready to go.
Beef tenderloin's been sliced, the beans are cooking,
All the guests have arrived, nobody's slow.

The tenderloin pieces are put into huge pans,
And the heat from the fire is intense.
The cook even wears chaps to protect his legs,
I've done it, and it beats riding fence!

He calls "Come and get it!", we line up with our plates,
And he piles several pieces on our hamburger bun.
Then on to the beans, and then to the corn,
There's beer, pop and coffee, and even watermelon.

I'd put lettuce, tomatoes, and onions of course,
As I build up my sandwich so high.
We'd go back for seconds, and thirds if we could,
It tasted so good -- it'd make an angel cry!

We're stuffed to the gills, but we've left some room,
For we know dessert still is to be.
It's Ruth's special McGraw Ranch Chocolate Cake,
The best that you'll ever hope to see!

Then they build a big bonfire, we sit on some logs,
Singing songs, and listening to tales,
Sometimes a cowboy will have his guitar,
And with story and music he regales.

The fire burns low, and the guests start heading back,
Their beds beckon after a wonderful day.
We walk hand-in-hand, there's magic in the air,
Life doesn't get any better than this, I'd say!

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