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Our Reunion
  As he moved from his childhood, through the years to his current life, the Urban Rancher realized that time was passing by at an increasing pace with each year. He had just attended his two 30th year high school reunions (he had attended two different schools), and did a presentation of his poetry at each one.

After the presentation, something had changed, for by opening up and sharing himself, he was then able to let people get close to him, and for the first time in 30 yars, he felt accepted and felt like he was part of the group . . .


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From points all around, we gather again,
It's been thirty years since we parted ways.
For up to twelve years we knew one other,
Our lives merged for many long days.

What were you like, what have you become?
Are you living life, or storing up broken dreams?
We're no longer immortal, and life's getting strange,
Can you cope with the world's silent screams?

Mid-life has come for all of us now,
The transitions are not often clear.
The questions must be asked: "Where have I been?",
"Where am I going?", "What do I do from here?"

I didn't know you well, those thirty years back,
Because I had already built up my walls.
I didn't know how to reach out and share,
I couldn't love, and you couldn't hear my calls.

Thirty years later, I've broken those walls,
Looked inward and found the source of my fears.
Life is now brighter, it has meaning and joy,
It's still not without its share of tears.

What about you? What travel has your mind
Taken you on over all these years?
Come -- open your hearts, share with us your tales,
Perhaps you'll lose some of your fears!

Though we've not seen each other much during the years,
There's a bond we developed back so long.
Like a thread through the years, that connection is there,
And touches our lives like a song.

Take that risk, and come share your self,
Reach out and develop new friends.
It's the second half now, and we really don't know
Just how long it is till our game ends!
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