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The High Country

  The evening was deepening, the chill was finally beginning to set in, and the Urban Rancher was beginning to fade. So, yawning and stretching, he got up, walked around the porch, savoring the last sights of the evening, the smells and sounds of the mountains, and thought of what he would say to someone who had asked him why he preferred mountain life to city life . . .


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The High Country
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Have you ever stood by a high country meadow,
As the aspen leaves rustle in the breeze,
Watched the elk browse and heard the birds sing,
Absorbed by the colors of the trees?

Do you remember the smell of the pines,
As you breathe in that clean mountain air?
Have you stood by a lake, with reflections so clear,
Did you ever see a sight quite so fair?

Have you enjoyed the freedom of walking the mountains,
And hiking with family or friends?
Have you basked in the sun during a nap after lunch,
And felt the tranquility that just never ends?

Have you found yourself high up on top of the ridges,
Viewing the vast panoramas unfolding all around?
It's God's country out here, it's all here to share
With you, from the sky to the ground.

Feel the true freedom, the excitement of the unknown,
Much like being an eagle in flight.
Listening sharpens, and you'll hear nature whisper,
As your special days turn into night.

Come join us in our travels, over miles of trails,
Be uplifted, and invigorated so strong.
You'll be overwhelmed by the beauty you feel,
And you'll just have to break out in a song!

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