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Sky Bear
  In a time of aloneness, sometimes it's nice to have a stuffed bear to hold at night, when the darkness seems to close in on a person. We were looking in a toy store for just such a bear, when we saw a magical grey and brown bear in the bargain section.

He needed a bit of stitching, so we took him home, stitched him up, and tied a special ribbon around his neck, and gave him to our friend, who was away from home attending flight school for her pilot's training . . .


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He never dreamed, as he sat on the shelf
In that toy store where he was found,
That he would be so lucky to go to a place
Where love falls on such fertile ground.

He sat on that shelf, just needing a friend
To hold him and love him so much.
For he comes alive, and spreads comfort and joy,
When warmed by your special touch.

In good times and bad, in sadness and joy,
Or if you feel all afraid and alone,
Just reach out for him, and give him a hug,
And your fears will soon be all gone!

For he's a SKY BEAR -- he'll bring you home safe
From your journeys all over the sky.
He'll watch over you as you hike through the woods,
And on any strange venture you try!

He's a SKY BEAR -- he gives your dreams wings,
Because all the power is within you
To accomplish your goals, in spite of the odds,
To reach High, live Heroic, and True!

Your SKY BEAR looks up with his heart and his soul
To reach out, to comfort and love.
And no matter what comes, he'll always be there,
To brighten your life like a light from above!

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