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  As he thought about the families on both sides, the Urban Rancher could see patterns developing. The problems of their parents' generation were repeated in his generation, and it made him wonder about what the next generation would become . . .


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Looking Backwards

As I look back at life, I see patterns emerge,
In myself, in family and in friends.
Why do we not see, why do we not learn,
Why do we make the same mistakes with those ends?

I see the pattern of alcoholic uncles and aunts,
Repeated in my generation so clear.
Why don't they remember, why don't they see
What they're doing to themselves, don't they fear?

I'm amazed as a friend from my childhood years,
Speaks of memories she's faced as she's coped.
Of incest and beatings, being used and abused,
And how her life didn't turn out as she hoped.

The traits of the parents show up in the kids,
Getting more pronounced with each year.
If the parents were not balanced, it's no wonder
That the children have a whole lot to fear.

Our patterns assert themselves, we strive to change,
To understand just why we are who we are.
We determine where we are, and what we must do,
To become the people we choose to be so far.

The patterns can be broken, and must be to change,
To be aware of ourselves is a must.
The belief in ourselves, in our talents and skills,
In our basic goodness, and worth, we must trust.

To break out of your patterns, define who you are,
Where you are, and how you got to this place.
Then decide where you're going, chart a new path,
And from that path, you never turn your face.

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