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Deep within all of us, as we lead our busy city lives, is the urge to get away from it all and return to the mountains, the farms, and the ranches, and lead the life of the Urban Rancher.


The Urban Rancher
My Bike
Childhood's Maze
It's Almost Too Late
Little Brother
Floppy-Eared Dog
Only in Estes
Death of an Old Friend
The Mirror
McGraw Ranch
The Breakfast Ride
The Steak Fry
The Old Cowboy
The Mummy
The Ride
The Character
Our Steeds
The Garden
The Honeymoon Night
The Perfume
The Last Ranch
Our Reunion
Where Are You Now?
The Forties
Make Some Memories
The High Country
How Can We Help?
One of Those Days
The Vultures
Looking Backwards

It's the dead of winter, and the Urban Rancher
Is getting ready to go do his chores.
'Tis the crack of dawn, and he's rarin' to go,
He's been pacing all over the floors.

Out to the garage, he stokes up his snowblower,
To clear off that three inches of snow.
He knows he has to finish his chores,
Before the cold west winds blow.

He clears off the driveway, then off to the feeders
That he's posted all around the place.
His mini four-wheel drive tractor is loaded up with feed,
He sets off with a grim, determined face.

The first feeder, he loads with sunflower seeds
Especially for the chickadees and blue jays.
The next stop, he loads with wild bird seed,
Which the sparrows and juncos eat always.

Finally, he comes to his pride and joy,
Though at its cost, the budget pinches.
For the Niger thistle is the favorite dessert
Of the pine siskins, and especially the finches.

He'd seen an evening grosbeak among the finches,
It was there once, but hasn't been back.
It must have been the featured professional speaker
At the local Finch Rotary Pack!

He's made his rounds, and filled up the bins,
The good news amongst the critters is spread.
He parks his trusty tractor, and heads back inside,
To his wife, he says "Well, dear, the livestock are fed!"

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