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The Garden
  As he sat there on the porch, the Urban Rancher could look out and see a place near the house, now grown back into its natural state, where they had once tried to do a little "farming" of their own in their younger days . . .


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The city kid and the ranchers daughter
Made their home in the mountains so high,
Into self-sufficiency they had become,
And decided their own garden they'd try.

It was early July, perhaps a late start,
But they didn't let that slow them down.
They staked out their plot, fertilized the ground,
Bought their seeds from all over town.

The rows sort of wandered all over the place,
(Now you tell us they should have been straight!)
We watered them well, then watched so close,
Expecting instant growth was our biggest trait.

Finally, some greenery started poking up through,
And we laughed and clapped our hands loud.
For we were now farmers, growing our own,
And boy, did we ever feel proud!

The lettuce was growing, the carrots stood tall,
The beets were beginning to show.
By now it's September, and with any luck,
We'll even beat all of that snow.

One fine morning, we gathered our tools,
Ready to harvest our range.
We looked over the railing, down on our garden,
And were greeted by a sight so strange.

Our garden was levelled, mowed down to the ground,
It looked like Watership Downs.
There were a dozen rabbits, just helping themselves,
Munching and jumping around like clowns.

We gave up in laughter, and headed for town,
To stock up at our local grocery store.
We celebrated our folly with caesar salad and steak,
And vowed to garden no more!

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