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The Mirror
  Further introspection revealed a deep imbalance in the Urban Rancher's life, almost bordering on schizophrenia. Changes had to be made, for the breaking point was near, and the positive input came just in time . . .


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I looked in the mirror, and didn't like what I saw,
For I was alone, and two faces were staring back.
Now I hadn't been drinking, and I wasn't sick.
Something was wrong, the mirror started to crack.

Was this the source of the turmoil and pain?
Were there two people inside me, in a battle to win?
Which one would triumph, who would I be?
Would I live life with a frown, or with a big grin?

A friend had just said, "It's easy to say no to the bad,
You have to know just who you'd like to be!"
So I had to decide who I wanted to be,
Make the choices, heal the wounds, and become ME!

I'd been filling my mind with trivia and fluff,
My life had become trivial all right.
So I changed the input, began putting good stuff in,
Soon good stuff came out with all of its might.

I've been through lots of changes in a very short time,
As I've made the choices within my head.
An on-going project, the changes never end,
For when the changes do end, it means that I'm dead!

I look in the mirror now, and I like what I see:
One person ... healing and growing ... a person of worth.
There's just a shadow of the other, and it's fading fast,
Now I see a positive soul attending its own birth.

What do you see when you look in your mirror?
Are you "living your talk" as they say?
If you find that you're not, ask yourself why,
Start changing and growing that very day!!

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