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Death of an Old Friend
  It was after that convention that an amazing thing happened. For over 40 years the Urban Rancher had never been able to really express his feelings, and over the years, he built up his walls for his protection until they became his jail. After this convention, the walls began to tumble down, and for the first time in his life, he began to express his feelings, and they came out in the form of poetry.

The poetic influence probably came from his mother, who had loved poetry, had memorized a tremendous number of poems, and used to read and recite to her sons to keep them occupied as the family travelled.

So the Urban Rancher began recording his progress in the days following that incredible convention . . .


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I witnessed the death of an old friend last week,
That I've known for forty six years.
A person with talent, nice looking and all,
But his life had been ruled by his fears.

He was afraid of life, of responsibility and joy,
And he built up a series of walls.
A prison of his own making these walls became,
From behind which no one heard his calls.

Responsibility? Not for me, he said!
Conflict? I'm not one to fight!
He'd run and he'd hide whenever it got rough,
Like a child afraid of the night.

His self-worth came from others, not himself,
And he was doomed to fail from the start.
They'd play his game, but he'd not tell the rules,
So invariably they just broke his heart.

My old friend, he died -- he exists no more,
And his passing was such a relief.
But taking his place is a positive friend,
One filled with love, fun, hope and belief.

As I look in the mirror, I see the ghost
Of that old friend and what he had done.
There I see the new friend, who I want to become,
And I say to myself -- "Well done!"
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