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  It was an uncommonly warm September evening, so the Urban Rancher stayed there in his rocking chair, reflecting on his current life, and the events of the past several years. His Mid-Life had come with a vengeance (he was 45, and although some may think that's a bit late for mid-life, he had a grandfather who remarried at age 92!), and life had been in turmoil for some time.

It had been a time of intense self-introspection, of trying to determine how he had come to this state of crisis in his life, how to deal with it, and what to do with the rest of his life ..


The Urban Rancher
My Bike
Childhood's Maze
It's Almost Too Late
Little Brother
Floppy-Eared Dog
Only in Estes
Death of an Old Friend
The Mirror
McGraw Ranch
The Breakfast Ride
The Steak Fry
The Old Cowboy
The Mummy
The Ride
The Character
Our Steeds
The Garden
The Honeymoon Night
The Perfume
The Last Ranch
Our Reunion
Where Are You Now?
The Forties
Make Some Memories
The High Country
How Can We Help?
One of Those Days
The Vultures
Looking Backwards

I was sitting there pondering my life and its ways,
Just thinking of what my life's been about.
Some thoughts struck my mind with power and force,
And my complacency turned into a rout.

I began wondering: Who am I now, where have I been,
And where will I go in my life?
I search for meaning and joy, for purpose and goals,
For a creative life with less strife.

My mid-life has come and questions are asked,
The answers, some I may never find.
The one thing I know, and won't lose sight of,
Is to nurture and cherish my mind.

There's a power within me, I've suspected for years,
But I kept it in check for so long.
It's come forth and growing in measures so great,
Impacting other lives like a song!

To move people to tears, of sadness and joy,
To raise them to new unknown heights
Is one of life's greatest joys, to know you've done well,
Awakened the knowledge and lessened the frights.

You have the power to be a force in the lives
Of all of the people you greet.
You may not know the effect that you've had,
But you make a change in all whom you meet!

The touch of your voice, and the joy you project,
May fill a void in some lonely heart.
Living's not numbers, and ledgers and books --
It's people, especially people, right from the start.

You are what you are, but what would you be?
And where do you go from now on?
How do you find your own power within,
And say "Mediocrity, forever be gone!"

You have the power to be what you choose,
To impact the people you know.
Just believe in yourself, and take that first step,
And watch yourself develop and grow!
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