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  It was at one of the Denver meetings that the Urban Rancher first encountered Rosita Perez. He was shy, and didn't know what to say to such an accomplished speaker, so he stayed back and listened, and experienced another of those life-changing days. With her songs and guitar, she reached into his soul and opened more doors.

It took more than a year before he could find the words to express this thanks, to send the "flowers" to thank her for her ... "Gift from the You-niverse" . . .


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I sat and listened, with tears in my eyes,
As she sang and strummed her guitar.
"Just sing, said a voice in my heart," she sang,
I thought: Sure, I can't even carry a tune very far!
"Don't die with the music within you," she sang,
As she moved my being to tears.
Her words and song touched the chords of my heart,
In my mind, doors opened that were closed for years.

There's something special within me, I know,
But music, I was quite sure it's not.
I didn't sing well, and I didn't sing loud,
If I had to perform, I'd rather be shot!

Then while taking lessons to protect my speech,
An amazing discovery was made to the core --
An operatic bass-baritone voice lies inside,
Now called upon, it came to the fore.

The other something special's an ability to write,
I had no idea it was there.
To put thoughts down on paper, to open my mind,
To unlock my emotions and share.

"Send the flowers now, before it's too late,
Don't wait until the funeral day."
She made me realize that for people to know
How I felt, I'd better have my say.

So, before it's too late, I send you these flowers,
Captured in lead and in glass.
A picture of crocuses, crafted by my hands,
For a beautiful person, who has such great class.

Thank you, Rosita Perez . . .
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