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  The Urban Rancher leaned back, looked up at the stars that seemed to be reflecting in the sky, and thought about what he would say, on this night of reflections, to all those in his past that he had caused some pain.

He had dug down and found the source of his conflict and pain within himself, which had caused him to fail in so many relationships over the years . . .


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It's a night of reflections, as I look at my life,
As I sum up my life up to now.
There's been joy and sorrow, and the effects of both
Can be seen in the creases of my brow.

Thank you for the joy, for the things I've learned,
During the time of my life spent with you.
We had a lot of good times, of sharing and joy,
And we had our share of the bad times, too.

I really regret the pain that I caused,
The inevitable result of my deep inner strife.
I only can hope that with that influence removed,
The joy will return to your life.

As I look back at my self, I'm amazed that I coped,
And functioned as well as I did.
The fear and the conflict were tearing me apart,
But for so long, I kept it very well hid.

In my forties, it surfaced, as it had to some day,
My demons I had to face the best I could.
The fall©out for you seemed to be lots of pain,
At least the crisis had come, as it should.

As we both heal, and go on with our lives,
I hope you're dealing with all of your fears.
As you come to terms with your own child inside,
Release your joy, find your peace through the years.

As you gather together in our reunion tonight,
And you dance and mingle, talk and sing.
Open up your hearts, reach out your arms,
You never know what it might bring.

We've all changed a lot from who we were then,
The years have taken their toll.
Our weight has changed, our hair has thinned down,
But our beings are now much more whole.

There's not a one of us who has not felt
The loss of family or friends.
The prices we pay for the love that we know,
Are the losses we suffer at the ends.

But there is a balance in life, you will find,
There's a new beginning for each end.
Life goes on, and love spreads anew,
You re-build, your soul starts to mend.

Reach out and share, invite someone in --
Into your life and your ways.
The second half of your life's being played,
And who knows for how many days?

There's no limit on players, it's an infinite court,
It's up to you just how well you play.
Do you sit on the sidelines and hope some one asks,
Or do you go on out and make your own way?

A reunion can be such a magical time,
One of renewing old friendships long past.
Of making new friends, of sharing yourself,
Creating memories that will linger and last.

May magic touch your heart, may it reach to your soul,
May this weekend bring changes profound.
As you open your heart, your soul and your mind,
You'll find whole new worlds without bound.

There are talents within you, perhaps you're not aware,
There is music, there are words, there is song.
All you need are encouraging words,
They'll flow forth, and you'll feel, "I belong!"

Ask permission to hug, don't be afraid to share,
Mortality creeps up on us on all sides.
For if you've lived, you've a story to tell,
You may have your own "Prince of Tides."

Go ahead, make some memories . . ! ! !

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