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The Last Ranch in the Park
  Several weeks ago, The Urban Rancher and his wife, The Rancher's Daughter, drove down the hill to the ranch where she spent so many years. It's owned by the National Park Service now, and their preferred alternative is to remove all the buildings.

  But the Park Service is up against a lot of sentiment to save some of the buildings, to preserve them for future viewing. However, their funds are limited, so it's up to the private sector to come up with a solution ...


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It sits quiet and neglected, abandoned by most,
Awaiting the final decision on its fate.
The pulse of its life just hangs by a thread,
To be saved, it's almost too late.

Windows are broken, the cold air blows through,
The furniture and fixtures are gone.
Shingles are missing, roofs have started to leak,
And weeds have taken over the lawn.

It's the Last Ranch in the Park, one by one they pass on,
Torn down as the Park Service strives
To remove all the in-holdings and concessions that once
Brought so much joy to so many lives.

As I wander among the cabins and trees,
I feel just a faint throbbing of its heart.
A remnant only, of that once great, proud Ranch,
So vibrant and strong, so beautiful and smart.

It waits, without defenses, for its projected fate,
With each day, the bulldozer nears.
Were it not the last ranch, its fate would be sealed,
It, too, would disappear along with the years.

But times are changing, consciousness is revived,
An awareness of the loss of our past.
Our heritage is important, but few things are saved,
The defenders have risen at last.

The historical preservationists are rising in force,
There have to be found some ways
To preserve its essence, to stave off the loss,
So future generations can appreciate the past days.

It's a new ball game now, the Service is changing,
Enlightened new leadership has come to the fore.
They're willing to listen, to consider alternatives
To the policies that they followed before.

We've made our proposal, a good one, we felt,
That answers the concerns and fears.
But we weren't successful, most buildings won't be saved,
They'll not live to see many more years.

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