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The Vultures
  Some mornings, as they get the morning chores done in the motel office before opening up for the day, the Urban Rancher can look out and see people circling the parking lot, waiting for the door to open, and his off-beat mind conjured up a vision of  the vultures circling in the western sky, waiting for the kill . . .


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The sky's getting lighter, they start to appear,
As the darkness begins to wane.
They wait for their quarry, testing the air,
They know they're not waiting in vain.

We see them outside, circling the lot,
Waiting for the opening door.
The coffee vultures are gathering now,
They smell the coffee's particular odor.

We open the door, and quickly step back,
To avoid being run down apace.
They stream into the office, one thought in mind,
"COFFEE! And don't look into my face!"

Watch out! There's one in curlers,
Complete with bathrobe and scowl.
There's a big grouchy bear, rumpled and bleary,
They're funny enough to just make you howl!

Some come marching in with grim, silent faces,
Looking only at the floor as they walk.
Acknowledging no greeting, only coffee they want,
The last thing they want is to talk!

Then there's the more greedy of the vultures,
Who innocently smile as they pocket
Bunches of packets of hot chocolate and tea,
And creamers, "Just for the road!"

There are some nice vultures, give them their due,
They're smiling and cheerful as they arrive.
They're vibrant and positive, a joy to behold,
Not like those who look more dead than alive.

We hustle around for several hours, it seems,
Making pot after pot as they drink.
When finally sated, they quietly depart,
Back to their perches, to ponder and think.

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