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The Floppy-Eared Dog
  The Urban Rancher sat quietly, as the sun set, realizing that he had just experienced a very profound moment in his life, as he defined this key event.

  As he reflected on the effect that his little brother's illness had on his family, he recalled that it was no wonder that he, himself, had grown up so quiet and shy, with little social skills at interacting with his peers.

  As he thought about his little brother, he also realized the significance of a certain stuffed dog which was sitting on a shelf in the bedroom ...


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It sat on the shelf, so used up and worn,
Its fur showing bare in many a spot.
Life'd been a bit rough but it had survived,
Being loved by a little boy a whole lot.

For that little boy, retarded he was,
And needed a friend so very much.
Something to hold on to, to feel he was loved,
That stuffed dog was never far from his touch.

It slept in his bed, got drug all around the house,
Out to play, and got dirty in the sand.
His constant companion, the floppy-eared dog,
Was his best friend in all of the land.

Many years later, the little boy had passed on,
And in the closet of my parents' place,
I found that stuffed dog, all tattered and torn,
Bedraggled and dirty, it wore a sad, worn-out face.

The memories flooded back, the doors opened wide,
So many pictures of my little brother I see
Reflected in the eyes of that floppy-eared dog,
The joys and the sorrows almost overwhelmed me!

Off to the cleaners, I took that old friend
For cleaning and repairs needed so much.
It came back so clean, so happy and worn,
It was again such a great joy to touch.

What about you? Where is your old friend
That you held in your childhood days?
Is it sitting on a shelf, just waiting for you
To shift some attention from your busy adult ways?

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