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  The Forties are also a time of increased awareness of our mortality -- we seemed to be immortal when we were younger, but now there's a different pace to life, and more stumbling blocks that we face on our journeys . . .


The Urban Rancher
My Bike
Childhood's Maze
It's Almost Too Late
Little Brother
Floppy-Eared Dog
Only in Estes
Death of an Old Friend
The Mirror
McGraw Ranch
The Breakfast Ride
The Steak Fry
The Old Cowboy
The Mummy
The Ride
The Character
Our Steeds
The Garden
The Honeymoon Night
The Perfume
The Last Ranch
Our Reunion
Where Are You Now?
The Forties
Make Some Memories
The High Country
How Can We Help?
One of Those Days
The Vultures
Looking Backwards

We're in our Forties, and we're feeling quite mortal,
It seemed like life would always be fun.
We've all lost some parents, and even close friends,
And other friends, their race is almost run.

The world gets more crazy, the cancer has spread,
Both in mind and body it seems.
What we're facing in reality is something before
We only had to face in our dreams.

In business it's "Take what you can and run",
Never mind the ethics and the cost.
Across the nation, greed runs rampant,
So many models of trust and integrity we've lost.

Cities become war zones as gangs take hold,
The innocence of earlier days is no more.
The violence escalates, the kids carry guns,
Driving in the big city's now a dangerous chore.

We look around as cancer's taking the lives
Of several dozen family and close friends.
And we're entering that period of life,
Where feeling mortal just never seems to end.

So how do we cope? We continue to live!
Live life fully, with joy and with love.
Find good in each person, each day, and each self,
Find peace amongst the "Push and the Shove".

You control your own life, you choose your own way,
You can live life, or die living each day.
It's all up to you, you make your own choice,
In all that you do and you say!

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