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The Honeymoon Night
  His mind wandered back to the ranch again, and the Urban Rancher could picture the Honeymoon Cabin, where they had spent two weeks for their honeymoon, compliments of her parents . . .


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The wedding was casual, in front of the hearth
At the guest ranch where she'd lived all her life.
A simple affair, just the family it was,
A day of much beauty and no strife.

She'd always wanted to spend her honeymoon
Right there on the ranch as a guest.
To not have to woork, to ride and have fun,
To enjoy a vacation at its best.

The wedding was past, the reception was done,
We'd gone for an afternoon hike.
The dinner was over, we returned to our cabin
To see just what married life was like!

We turned on the music and built a big fire,
And we got ready to enjoy the night.
We started disrobing and what did we find
But a funny and disconcerting sight!

It was tick season in the rockies, and theer it was,
Stuck in her in an inconvenient spot.
But we couldn't remember just which way to twist it,
Do it wrong, and tick fever you've gotl

So, back on with her clothes, and down to the lodge,
Back to her mother she went,
For advice and doctoring, she got that for sure,
And much laughter and ribbing was spent.

Soon she was back, all red-faced and shy,
Back to the cabin we'd picked.
We resumed where we'd stopped, and over the years,
Very seldom have we ever been "ticked"!

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