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Where Are You Now?
  As he thought about some of the people he had known in those days, one stood out in his mind. They had dated some, kept in touch for some years, and then lost contact with each other, as so often happens. And he wondered where she was, and what her life was like . . .


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Where are you now in your life, my friend?
Has it turned out like you thought it would be?
What has transpired, who have you become?
Has it been as varied a journey for you, as for me?

I knew you back then ... thirty years ago it was,
In high school, it was our senior year.
I was new in your school, a shy person I was,
And I approached my new school with some fear.

I remember you well, a gentle person and shy,
Quiet and beautiful you were to be.
Your affection was there, but I could not accept it,
I was afraid to let anyone get close to me.

As I look back in my childhood, I see the source
Of my fears and my building my walls.
To keep people out, to not let myself be hurt,
To protect that child from the falls.

We stayed in touch as we went separate ways,
There was so much I just did not see.
You were the visionary, I was the realist,
I couldn't relate to your world, or you to me.

You asked me one summer to go travelling with friends
On motorcycles all across the land.
I turned you down, I was afraid of the closeness,
So much I just did not understand.

You tried to teach me to close my eyes,
And smell the lilacs in France.
I tried, but I failed, too literal I was,
I did not believe ... I could not take the chance.

It's thirty years later, the wall's broken down,
I've finally a tale I can tell.
Ironically, now I can visualize and see,
And the lilacs, I can now definitely smell.

Where are you now, in your life, my friend . . ?

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